90 minute Level 1 Urgent Campaign Strategy Support

$197.00 $145.00


Need a hand?

Running a campaign can be stressful.

it seems like there's never enough time or money.

if you're in the middle of a campaign and need a little support with business rules, automation, pattern strategy, or all of the above,

this is this service for you.

Here at S11, we can support in strategy and advice for multi channel campaign management across multiple channels like 

YouTube, Instagram, LINE, Shopee, Facebook, Google Display and Tex search and more 



Must be In the Kaohsiung Taiwan area and either an NGO or local business.

We do not support politicians at this time, but may assist in protest against one.

Estimated delivery time

On call subject to availability
This is a very rough estimate, actual time may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This service is more than meet and greet chat. This service includes ID based data records to facilitate easy compliance with ISO and or local record keeping law
Yes, this service does include standard invoice
Level one is the most basic level of support. It does not include any advanced business rule creation or source code analysis. Basic patterns advice and simple business rules are supported At level one, it is required that there be no more than 1 level of management requesting service. Purchaser must be key principal requester. Quality assurance audit can be purchased separately